Hackers & a cup of tea!

Journalism is the gathering of information and presenting it to the public in its true form (without spicing it with rumours or their personal opinions). This is done using the traditional; newspaper and/or the new media; the web.

Global usage of social platforms.jpgNowadays people are increasingly choosing the latter as it provides them with the freedom of communication (citizen journalism) thanks to social platforms and free blogging.

This would not have been possible with print media due to the cost, labour and time that lies behind. And, what about the environmental impact when using paper? For all the drawbacks, web journalism is for sure taking the lead.However, not so soon!

  • First, due to the lack of infrastructural development in some areas where there is no or little access to the internet or even electricity.
  • Second is due to the avalanche of unverified information on the net which makes it doubtful to believe until it is not published in the local newspaper.
  • Third is due to the threats that users are exposed to be it pornographic sites, bullying, hackers, and so forth.

Last but not least, because the web cannot replace the tangible pleasure of flipping through one’s own paper with a cup of tea!

Old is always gold!


Web or Print, opinions may vary depending whether you are from a developed or developing country!

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