When physical changes to digital: it’s a template game!

Face to face communication is tip toeing away. If your business does not figure online it simply means that it does not exist. If it does, have you been in a tug of war wondering why your relationship with prospective clients is not flourishing? If so, you need to rework on your business template!

According to Internet Live Stats, we have surpassed 1 billion websites on the World Wide Web (WWW) today. It’s pretty impossible to stand out in this fierce digital crowd despite the avalanche of marketing tips and tricks like the famous Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). What is the solution? Well, it is just a template game!

So as to create your market value and gain the trust of clients, you need to choose the right web template where you can showcase your services or products. But rather than an informative one, you need a dynamic template.

There is an infinite set of instructions that needs to be considered when selecting the right template. Hereunder are 3 rules of thumb that have been selected to simplify things for you:


Consider aesthetic to be the personality of your website, it should evoke the ‘love at first sight’ feeling in your visitors. For instance the correct colour combination should be used, (bearing in mind if that matches your business identity). Also, it should not be tiring to the eyes.


You have heard about the proverb – ‘beauty lies in simplicity’. By simplicity, it means that your web template should be easy to use with adequate amount of space between paragraphs. The font should not be too complicated to read (neither the words) and most importantly, visitors should not find it difficult to navigate through the pages.


Among the most common website template, there are the ‘F’ and the ‘Z’ layouts. If you are looking for instant action on the part of your potential clients, then you should go for the ‘Z’ layout. For instance, super-impose the letter Z on your webpage. Place the articles and information that you want the visitors to know in line with the letter, starting from the upper left hand side to the right then going down to the left and finally to the lower right hand side whereby you can insert for e.g. a ‘Subscribe’ button at the end. Consequently, the design of such a template multiplies the chances to connect with your visitors. It encourages people to subscribe to your newsletter or to leave a message for any query.

So, you know it now! Choose the right template and give your business its deserving silver lining!

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