In the mind of a child – 20 years back and today!

Whenever an actor would die in a movie… I always thought that he really, actually died…

According to my bache dimagh, I thought that the cameraman shoot that dying scene on spot and then placed it in the film.(& I was so sad 😦 )

Next time…when I watched the same actor in another movie… –  lets say after Bollywood movie Baazigar Shah Rukh Khan featured in Anjaam… what does this mean?

Again my bache dimagh thought that – He died in Baazigar right? So what could have happened that he is again in the film? lolz 🙂

pfff…I would keep thinking about the possible reasons behind! The only answer I found was that may be this film was shot before that he died!

What you thought as a child?

We often may overlook the impact of just witnessing violence or living in communities with higher violence
Violence – Stress for kids

I wonder how I would have managed if I had internet at that tender age between my fingers; there is so much violence everywhere…

Poke is not only for Facebook…it should be a daily task between parents and children or elder sisters and brothers unto their little ones!! Mind it!

It was 14th November – Children’s Day… What did you do for your children?

Here are some reads for you!

Violence – stress for for kids

TV violence and children

You are being watched!!


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