Doodle Moodle…am in trouble!

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Now with WordPress… I already had 3 accounts… which I’ve deleted and merged…because… they no longer seem good to me!

Grrrr that’s so annoying when you’ve got so many possibilities to create apparently “your place in the world” eu excuse me e world!


I miss my copybooks! the blackboard and chalk, with which you could say you are allergy to (chalk particles) and can’t go to the blackboard ….lolz the teacher will understand lolz … And duster pranks! lolz

But you know what, its either that you get in the crowd or you disappear! Aar ya paar! That’s the reason why people are investing so much in 3.0 e learning tools. Internet and multimedia definitely help to erase illiteracy and help people irrespective of age to have a better living condition.

“…education faces massive challenges and it has been believed that technology has a disruptive influence on it but we need to look at it for its fantastic opportunity for the future as well.”



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