Free! Free! Free Really???

It has been one week now, since I am offering free design and marketing services through Facebook!!! I have more than 700 friends and another 100 waiting for my approval!

I understood that people were either afraid to communicate their company’s information with me; which is right as you should always be careful online or that they did not take me seriously! That is why I decided to tell you the reason behind, as well as giving you some tips on how you can upgrade your company’s image and stay in the limelight!

Why am I providing this free service to you friends???

That’s because of the 10 golden steps (the list is longer actually!) that you need to adopt to succeed. These will help your company in emerging from the stagnation phase to the revolution phase! Follow these:

  • Present detailed information about your company clearly and add your contact information
  • Erase boring images – renew your logo, name if really required!
  • Do not use annoying fonts, colours or meaningless animation
  • Say why your products and services are better than others
  • Know your customers
  • Promote your company by standing for a cause like CSR, Environment Friendly
  • Buy advertising space (or time) in traditional outlets and free online marketing
  • Associate your product with a memorable jingle or slogan
  • Reward loyal customers
  • Offer free samples

Free samples!!! That’s what I have been doing…and will be doing for another 30 days! So, come forward and place your commands!! You have nothing to lose…it is simply a win-win opportunity!!!


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