15,000 champagne bottles!

On January 1st, 2017, it was reported by  Itv that 15,000 bottles were found (as in waste) after New Year parties! Waste, waste, waste this is all that is left after parties!This can be changed only if people want to change and if they got a reason to do so! Hence, this post is to have a look at what people are doing with recycled items; glass and plastic bottles.

  1. Construction

plasticbottleshouseHave you ever thought that it is possible to make yourself a home or an outstanding restaurant just by using plastic bottles? How you benefit from this? First, it saves you money as you do not need too much labour work to be done; thus you have lesser construction workers to pay. Second is that your construction is ready in lesser time!Third is the fact that it sets your building apart and it is naturally a piece of beauty!Last but not least, using plastic bottles in the construction of your walls help in controlling energy and temperature; another lifelong money saving technique!

  1. Decorative Items

decorated-bottlesThere are loads of DIY ideas on Pinterest about the ways to convert unused bottles into unique decorative objects.  Among the options that can be used to convert your waste are: coloring, beading, collage or twine threading. If you are an artist or you have the passion for creativity, then you can opt for making this your part time/ hobby job!There are lots of people who are making a living out of unused bottles!

  1. Bottles for plantingplanting-in-bottles

This is another excellent idea for people who love gardening but they are fed up with garden bugs and snails or the bad weather. It is equally a relief for people who hate not having a garden due to limited space! Here, space is not really the problem, you just need to add some creativity and follow the instructions in the video below on how to prepare your hanging bottle garden!

  1. Gift ideascandleholders

Lanterns, candle holders are always the cutest of gifts! Embellished with silky ribbons, diamond beads; this customized, handmade gift is perfect for your loved ones. There is no limit, but be cautious in the cutting process which you can see in this video tutorial below. You need a pair of gloves, and a google to protect your eyes!

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