Coat, tie & heels – it’s corporate!

“I’ve got an interview, it’s coat and tie time”! This is the first reaction of the manager when he got to pose for a TV interview.

It is quite understandable that when you need to come out in public, representing your company, (you are the company in fact), you would try to look your best; after all it’s about the corporate image! However, this might not always be the case- at times you look more real when in your daily shirt and pant, still caring to look neat and smart without any unnecessary or party look!

What are the ‘unnecessary’? Even students who equally need to abide by the dress code at school understand this… But how far can we exploit this subject for the grown up?

Through a brief analysis, it was found that the structure of an organisation; Hierarchical or Flat structure, has a great impact on the dressing style of its people.

Hierarchical or traditional structure is always looked down for the disadvantages of being under constant  surveillance of the CEO.  We all agree that breaking the boundaries of the Hierarchical Business Structure can be beneficial for the company in many ways. Among, it brings equality and strengthens the team spirit. Employees are recommended to always dress in the elegant uniform; the three piece suits without forgetting the heels for ladies! So as to differentiate between the level of the employees, in some companies those at the top of the pyramid would wear different colour shades than those at the bottom. For instance, managers would wear blue suits whereas attendants would wear white shirt and black trousers.

In the Flat structure, there can actually be no ‘uniform’; each employee is free to wear his her desired clothing, but of course staying within the casual dress code (it should not be like going for jogging, on a date nor for a wedding).

We have always heard of “Do not judge a book by its cover” but in reality, we just cannot escape commenting on the ‘cover’! The corporate identity is nothing in itself; it is the staff members that are its identity. To say that the employee’s social status and dress code are important communication tools that can convince a prospective client to choose the latter over its competitors.

Hierarchical or Flat structure… it depends where you draw the line!


4 thoughts on “Coat, tie & heels – it’s corporate!

  1. Uniforms at school is a must-must, I\’d say! It helps to do away with all these status and racial discrimination. But I\’d say it\’s changing in the professional world. 💁 Blazers over jeans are the new formal!

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