Gaming- From Shatranj to Angry Birds & Poker master!

Gaming forms part of the entertainment industry. These are further classified into two categories; one playing games and the other competing for a certain amount of money best known as betting or gambling. Before getting into the details let us go to the root – how gaming came into existence.

Gaming is as old as human existence. In ancient civilization, the technique of dice games were practised to find out the divine will. From this point of view, the Sociologist Durkheim, stated that religion was the foundation of games which further became the cause of social bonding among people. This tradition evolved and today it is known as entertainment.

Each game has its own rules and elements. In fact, games are part of culture and are played in various ways across countries. For instance, among the most ancient one is chess, which is played in Maharajas courts. “Chess is believed to have originated in India, some time before the 7th century, being derived from the Indian game of chaturanga.” Today it is a serious game and forms part of the world championship mind sport. Similarly, another famous mind game is card playing.

A new era began in 1940 when the first game machine was created by Dr. Edward Uhler Condon at the New York World’s Fair. Since, it has been the avalanche of gaming clubs. Later, in 1967, began the video game craze with Ralph Baer’s “Brown Box”; thus the entertainment industry boom with video games and better additions each day.  Personal computer games took the lead after 1983 and today it is the rule of Android and IOS devices.

The official money making games began in the 19th century through the establishment of casinos.  Casinos have been described as a place where pleasurable activities took place; including civic town functions, dancing, gambling, music listening, and sports. Since, it forms a tradition for people across streets to establish their own gambling spots with neighbours and friends in the guise of parties and get together. This became the norm and a matter of high prestige. You know about the French salons!

Traditional games are now injected in technological gadgets and we have a large range of games available for all; irrespective of age and choice. There is neither time constraint to play a game, nor any limit. Simply downloading the game of our choice on the mobile phone or connecting to the web can instantly allow for an interesting match among friends. It is accessible anytime, anywhere. However, there is another point that has improved with technological advancement; the chances and temptation of online gambling! Put otherwise, the hi-tech society has now multiplied the chances of gambling in the name of gaming for mere entertainment.

Now the question is how to protect the youngest of audiences from being ensnared by gaming ads online…

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