SEO or Content Marketing?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is the spider man of the web! It is a popular term on the lips of every marketing person, never disregarded. What is this SEO thing and how can it really benefit your company?

SEO is that killer tool that keeps your company among the first in the Google Search Engine. It helps to rank your company higher in the search. For instance, you deal in furniture. There are thousands of furniture companies online displaying their products. To make sure that people are directed to your furniture company instantly and easily whenever they launched a search, you will need to take the help of SEO.

However, one thing that is also needed is to post frequently on your site and keeps it up to date. You can launch monthly deals, exclusive holidays’ sales, gifts for your clients, newest products and so on. In short your site should always be active and not stagnant.

Consequently, with more activity on your site, there will be more traffic and visibility with people always visiting around.

Congratulation! You know it now your site is a trusted one, frequently visited and a faster one as well especially if it is mobile friendly!

If SEO is such a powerful tool, then what is the need for content marketing?

Content marketing as its name goes is to market your product/ service by creating informative content. These can be terms of writing about your products; blogging, or uploading an image gallery to the web with their respective details to showcase new items.

Finally, which is better SEO or Content Marketing?

SEO and Content Marketing are not opponents to choose from, instead they are complements.  SEO is for making your website easily accessible to your prospective clients while Content Marketing is your website itself! If the content is not great, there is no use of SEO. Similarly, if the content is perfect but there is no visitor, it defeats the goal of having a platform online!

Another smart way to get visitors to share your content on social platforms, which can actually boom up your company’s visitors and name, is to add related images, sometimes with a funny message and at other places support it with popular music or jingles!

Remember, people do not always have ample of time to read a text containing1000 words. Reducing the amount by half and replacing them with some visuals can create a good impact at once as well as convey the message more effectively! First impression is last impression!


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