Use of Data Analytics to monitor employees in an organization!

The digital world has brought about a wholescale disruption to industries operating in the traditional way for decades. Technological changes most often targeted the back office processes with the compilation of big data for gain of efficiencies enhancing internal control processes and increasing profitability.

However, the use of technology should not be limited only to the above mentioned. Use of data can also be used by employers to monitor the behavioral aspects of their employees. This would require a compilation of data of each employee from the start of his journey in the organization till the end. Data being kept in HR systems are the starting point to this exercise and other aspects like sentiment analysis, psychological profiling, and social media memberships should henceforth be collected.

Employers should henceforth be targeting to find ways to monitor the thinking and feeling of their employees. This will have a very important role in helping to predict how employees may react to future organization events and thus be pro-active in our change management process.

2 thoughts on “Use of Data Analytics to monitor employees in an organization!

  1. Quite impressive…ya we haven’t yet thought seriously how social net can actually help in understanding our staff too!

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