The Mermaid Dress by Swarnashree

Fabric: Satin
Style: Western
Colour: Sky Blue
Occasion: Party Wear/ Prom Dress


This is a sample of my one of the best designs which is a mermaid prom dress. The dress can be worn for an evening party. The upper portion of this dress is a pleating pattern. The unique creation of this mermaid dress is its pleating pattern and backless, thin cross pattern strap with a bow on it on the crossing portion. This strap only cover the small area of the back as it is backless or it can be made with transparent strap same as cross pattern. I have used a sample piece of cloth to show the pleating pattern. I found a pair of matching earrings and which I am thinking of using to embellish the dress on the front. This is only a pre development phase and I could change the scale of this technique to experiment and develop my ideas,  for the final result.

Talking about pleating, here is what I found! This can give you an idea on what I am thinking of using for the upper neck and the tail of my Mermaid Dress!


Here are some of my inspiration:


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