Adding Images in WordPress

A picture is worth a thousand words we have heard it, we know it! For instance let’s see these images below which have been used either for advertising purposes or for a cause:

There are many such images used to convey a powerful message as can be found by looking at other images from the digital synopsis site.

A picture is the added value of a text that helps in different ways as mentioned below (from Minnesota State University, Mankato database):

  • To clarify a concept
  • Emphasize a particular meaning
  • Illustrate a point
  • Analyze ideas or data
  • Help readers process information differently
  • Pull important information out of text

So how to include yours in your post? Here is a step by step easy tutorial about adding images to WordPress posts!

Visit WordPress tutorials from these links:

Insert an Image from your Computer
Insert an Image from the Web
Insert an ImageĀ from your Media Library
Image Alignment
Editing your Inserted Images

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