Intelligent Design – Shelters for Immigrants

Immigrants are all around the world, fighting for a decent place to live. From this current dominating situation, here is a short synopsis of a (fictive) situation. This is an extract from a paper in Design and Technology at Cambridge School Certificate Level – only a project explaining a situation for finding a temporary refuge for immigrants through an intelligent design and a cost effective approach!

Part 1 – Problem Identification

Design and Technology Project Example

  1. Introduction

Due to war situations in Syria, millions of people are fleeing away from their homeland with the hope of finding refuge in other neighbouring countries.

  1. Situation

European countries are facing a difficult situation because of the influx of Syrian people. So as to control the situation, European authorities had to close the borders. But this has further increase the problems of Syrian people who are living in a harsh inhumane condition.

  1. Analysis of Situation

Consequently, the Syrian immigrants have become refugees living on the border of European countries. Elders, men women and children are left in a precarious situation with no shelter. Some have lost their life while others have become weak and suffering from diseases due to weather conditions.

  1. Design Brief

So as to alleviate the painful living condition of the Syrian immigrants, ‘Rumi Organisation’ has decided to design temporary wooden, small houses for these refugees. In the meantime this can also provide the European countries with time to find a solution to this problem.

  1. Consideration

Some important factors that have to be considered in designing the model shelter are:

  1. It should have sleeping space for 2 adults and 2 children
  2. It should have 2 windows and 1 door for air circulation
  3. It should have 1 overhead shelf , under which is a multipurpose free space
  4. It should be resistant to weather condition
  5. It should have one light bulb
  6. It should be easy to (dis)assemble
  7. It should be easy to move
  8. I should not take too much space

Please see these for more inspirations:

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These small houses in Bordeaux are free for travellers!

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