Facebook Ads.

Tired of investing in advertisements which are not even bringing a penny of interest from your target audience?In fact: It isn't just you.
Unless you know the reasons why your advertisements stinks and understand the steps to correct it.
So, let us find out about the three reasons why your advertisements are fussy and the probable solutions your Return On Investment utilizing Facebook Ads.

You are not showing your ads. to the right people

Continually investing in adverts without any gain comes from the fact that you are showing your advertisements to individuals who don’t care the slightest about your promotions. The viewers will not click on the ads and with zero tap on your advertisement, there will be low click-through-rate (CTR) earning you zero cash from your promotions.

The Solution:

Focus on the correct audience use Facebook Ads. Know more about Facebook’s feature called Pixel .

Your pages are not properly optimised for mobile users

We know it! We are fast and smart – with a smart phone right?

In this era of emarketing and technological evolutions we are walking gadgets! There are millions of sites in the look out of clients and do you think someone will lose time trying to figure out the information on your frustrating web layout? We do not need to rely on what ‘research has shown’ to understand the ease in accessing information on mobiles.

The solution:

Get your website a make-over using a Mobile – Friendly layout for ease of navigation.

You Don't Use Retargeting

Never settle for less when you can multiply the chances!

Retargeting in fact encourages you to create trust and brand your product. It re publicises your items to individuals who might have noticed your products once, but this time with better chances of being clicked for more information. 

Repetitions create familiarity and can convert passive viewers to consumers.

The Solution:

Monitor and construct specific campaigns for people who come from other sites like Adword’s, YouTube ads … using Facebook Pixel. By doing this, you will amplify your reach and make most of your advertising investments.

Wonder where to get started? We manage your website and get things social.


Caz · 26th January 2018 at 3:44 pm

Some great tips, especially as I know very little about Pixel. I’ll have to look into that a little more. Loving the web & blog theme refresh by the way, it’s amazing – sorry I didn’t say it sooner! 🙂

    Parween · 30th January 2018 at 10:10 am

    Hey Caz!
    Thanks so much for your appreciations! Really encouraging and we look forward to hearing from you always! ?

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