7 New Instagram Metrics Tips

The key to a larger powerful content marketing strategy is visual content, especially since having a strong visual identity on Instagram makes it easy for your potential customers, fans and followers to find and identify you across all social media platforms.

Your visual identity should be a united part of your brand and voice and it’s okay if it takes some time to develop it. It is an ongoing project that you need to consistently tweak once you have established something solid.

If you are in search of inspiration, check out these 7 Instagram content tips.


#1 Search & follow relevant accounts

Instagram suggests several related accounts for you to follow when you follow a new one, but you should also search for relevant accounts with hashtags relevant to your industry using the explore pages. Accounts with a lot of engagement show up frequently and they are most likely influencers in that market and you should pay special attention to their strategy, content, hashtags and consider how your brand can best interact with them.


#2 Post regularly and test new posting times

A consistent posting schedule on Instagram is more important than any particular time that you post, but you should also use comprehensive Instagram analytics to find out the best time to post and when your audience is most active on the app to guarantee more engagement.


#3 Explore relevant niche hashtags

Exploring niche hashtags should be a big part of your Instagram strategy; they’re the smaller hashtags you can find by searching related hashtags when you use a big one (from #houses to #luxuryhouses, for example) and they’re a great way to narrow down really dedicated audience members in your industry. Spend a little time exploring, searching these hashtags out and testing them.


#4 Add those relevant niche hashtags for more boost

One way to test them is to add them to your Instagram posts a little while after you’ve initially posted them for a second boost in exposure. Don’t wait days or months, rather set a calendar reminder for an hour or so- maybe a few- after your initial post and add a niche hashtag to see what it does for your engagement. Why the specifics on time? Instagram will add your post to the hashtag explore page at the original time you uploaded it, not at the time you add the hashtag. That’s also why this doesn’t work for larger, more popular hashtags (your post will just get lost in the sea of older posts).


#5 Try new stuff with your content

This is why keeping tabs on your competitors and influencers in your industry is so important; they can give you a lot of ideas for different ways to present your own content. Never outright copy, but definitely draw inspiration from those sources as well as your general Instagram stream.


#6 Include video in your strategy

If you haven’t already, you should definitely test adding some video posts to your Instagram content strategy. Test different video formats: Instagram’s own apps Boomerang and Hyperlapse (for timelapse videos), as well as regular videos and the formats offered in Stories.


#7 Test third-party apps to create quality content

Aside from Instagram’s own apps, there are some quality third-party apps out there worth testing and adding to your Instagram content-creation rotation. I recommend Repost to share others Instagram posts with credit (as there is, of this writing, no native way to “regram” content), InstaSize to resize photos for Stories that you took in a camera app (Stories otherwise arbitrarily crops them) and HypeType to add music, text and more to videos.


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