#8 points: You are an annoying boss!

#8 points: You are an annoying boss!

#1 Cannot understand Priority

Despite having a schedule and prioritized goals worked out several times around a table for the benefit of the company, nothing is applicable when the boss decides that his work is most important. There is no waiting and no way negotiating some time and making him understand the situation and the real priority of the moment. The boss decides that his work should be done first whatever the consequence; his work should be done first!

#2 Last minute surprises

You applied for early leave since 1 week; the day is here! You greet everyone and leaving when your boss suddenly wakes up from his slumber and remember that he has not yet prepared his document for the meeting which is due in some hours. What can you do? Stay and wrap up his work because he just realized he has an important presentation with the board of directors in some hours!

#3 He takes all the credit

After wracking your brain and working out a proper presentation with all qualitative and quantitative analysis in width and length, bingo!! The boss passes your work as his and swallows all the credits! Yes he is the one who knew and did all the research and analysis. Stay in a corner of the room and behave as if nothing is wrong! Don’t wait for any appreciation when out of the board room!

#4 Surrounded by bosses

Irrespective of your position in the company, when it comes to decision making it is the biggest boss who has the last word.  If you don’t think a decision is ethically correct for the company then very sad for you because this is what seems right to the boss. And if in your company there’s only bosses who keeps on commanding this and that, then good luck to reach the right decision.

#5 Boss needs to party

As the boss of the company he needs to have all the freedom of the world! He chooses when he is in the mood to work or not. The boss leaves his work at 50% done, so

“Mr A, B … complete the file on my table … it is just few lines remaining…I need to leave for the football match, for a dinner… in the evening you know. It is going to be fun there and I am so excited…Complete it, will see tomorrow!”

You say yes boss!

#6 Favoritism | Family

The boss went on holiday and you got to shoulder all the day to day activities. You are happy to be able to solve some matters and hopefully gain some recognition for your hard work!

Now the boss is back and sees that you did not accept the travelling allowances of his niece, Miss W, the marketing expenses of Mr X who knows some of his secrets, the credit card renewal of Mrs Y, the friend of his wife or the car allowances of Mr Z, his favorite staff. He calls you in his cabin and furious about your decision. You explain that WXYZ are continuously using the company’s money for their own personal benefit. You dared criticizing the his favorite staffs? …

#7 Never motivates

Bosses like to boss around and most of them are arrogant and don’t like it when you challenge their decision. In case you went against their decision and convinced of the good and bad and finally show the proof of his bad decision, as a savior, his ego cannot allow giving you a clap, saying a nice word to motivate you or a thank you note. He will make as if “ I know, I was thinking the same… “

#8 Visionless | Easily manipulated | Indecisive

Before the meeting with a marketing agent: “You must reduce unimportant costs, and try to save maximum”

After meeting with a marketing agent: “You see we need to buy the latest gadgets for these staffs, smartest equipment, it is urgent do this right now!”

After 2 weeks: “How come you agree on buying these items! See this huge expense!”

After 4 weeks in the year end board meeting: “Next year we will be making lesser expenses, so there will be xyz amount saved!”

Next year same meeting at same period: “We decreased the expenses from 10% last year to 9.5% this year. So we made a profit of .5% And again next year …”

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