Made in Africa

Made in Africa” but for Africa Since the IT Boom and up to now, Africa as a continent has never been known as a pioneer in science and Technology. However, now there is a reverse situation whereby a wave of technology success stories have started to spread Africa’s locally grown digital innovations across the continent [...]

Entrepreneur: Virgin and Branson

Being an independent entrepreneur is probably the most hashtag dream of this century. It is the main strive which is cultivating in this wave of 2017’s young generation, and many to come. So, what is the secret behind being a successful entrepreneur? How to start your own business? How to earn money! Did you read […]

The Ascent of Digital – What does this mean for the CFO?

A series of articles looking at everyday challenges CFOs are facing and how finance functions can embrace the change and thrive on opportunity. The articles are written in collaboration with PwC, the ACCA and Jens Madrian – CFO, Reactive Technologies. Business is changing more rapidly than ever Digital is reshaping the global economy and changing […]

Use of Data Analytics to monitor employees in an organization!

The digital world has brought about a wholescale disruption to industries operating in the traditional way for decades. Technological changes most often targeted the back office processes with the compilation of big data for gain of efficiencies enhancing internal control processes and increasing profitability. However, the use of technology should not be limited only to […]