Bee friendly

Queen Bee Worker Bee Drone Bee Originated from Asia then multiplied across Europe, Africa and all corners of the world. We are talking about bees. Bees exist since million years ago and they are one of the backbones of our ecosystem. With approximately 20,000 known types of bee species, bees are not only for providing [...]

Piping hot servers in the turquoise ocean

It is a ghost bumps fact that datacenters; servers management play a crucial role in the global environmental change. Today’s biggest problem is failure to cut the rising use of power and investing in cooling projects. The result: carbon emission. Implementing an efficient, effective and safe cooling system to remove waste heat is an ever-growing concern […]

Telegram and Mark Zuckerberg of Russia

Telegram Definition A telegram (Greek tele: distant and gramma: letter) is a written message transmitted by using an electric device. The message is carried along wires, and the text written or printed and delivered by hand or teleprinter. History (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The first telegram in the United States was sent by Morse on  11 […]

A tribute to Nelson Mandela

IF YOU CAN’T GIVE, AT LEAST FORGIVE This past week has been very lively in celebrating Nelson Mandela Day which is on 18th July! So this article is just a tribute to this great personality! A young Nelson Mandela in the office of the law firm he founded with fellow ANC activist, Oliver Tambo.Birth :-18 […]

Echo curiosity : Amplifier / Transistor

Have you thought of how a happy function like marriage, party, or a play would have been without an amplifier? Boring, nope? Well, this question has been bothering me until I ended opening a rocking amplifier (with permission of father, lolz) to solve the curious questions rising in my mind – How was it possible? […]

Evolution in telecommunication – Fibre Optic Cable

In 1854, British physicist John Tyndall discovered the principle of optical fiber by watching a stream of water flowing out of a barrel. Optical fibers have very small diameters which are often no greater than the diameter of a human hair. Fiber Optical Cable is made from glass & silica. Most interesting thing is Signal […]