WordPress User Role – Author Access

User roles determine the access level or permissions of a person authorized (invited by an Administrator) to use a WordPress.com site. Summary Administrator – nothing is off limits Editor – has access to all posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, and links. Author – can write, upload photos to, edit, and publish their own posts. Contributor [...]

Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Bots and Wannacry and Petya Ransomware

With the rising number of online facilities come the risks and threats of being prey to all types of malcode. Malcode is known as malicious code or malware software from which emanates the headache of viruses, worms, Trojans and bots. The latest cry being Petya Ransomware, after Wannacry. So what is a malware, how do [...]

Facebook Profile Picture Abuse!

Facebook is introducing a new feature to give users peace of mind around how their profile photo can be used and accessed by others. The social network today announced a pilot program in India that is designed to protect users who are concerned about other people gaining access to their profile image. The new ‘photo… via [...]

Get paid for owing a website!

Many of us just start their blog or website out of the blue! One month, two months and three months, if you have been active with awesome posts and loving the share and learn with your co bloggers, that's it! You've got what it needs to start your online business or consider the opportunities to [...]

Nurture Nature in you!

I didn’t even own a camera at the time, but as I admired a photograph of a Bighorn Sheep in a national magazine featuring animals of the Rocky Mountains, I knew that if and when I ever did get a camera, high on my list of hoped for captures would be that iconic orange eye. [...]

Twitter Lite!

Twitter has taken the wraps off a new data-optimized version of its service that it hopes will be a hit among emerging. It’s called Twitter Lite and, unlike similar ‘Lite’ apps from Facebook and others, it is browser-based — living at mobile.twitter.com. It is essentially a data-optimized version of the regular Twitter service that, the company… [...]

What does design have to do with words?

"I have to assign meaning to the problem, and understand its implications before I can begin to imagine a solution. Design is a language that is greater than the sum of its visual parts. Design begins with words...." I found a post to re-post my image definition panel! 🙂 via The Other Unicorn Skill: Writing — [...]