Chase boredom, learn to be the explorer!

At times we find everything around us boring. We always need to find something new and interesting to keep ourselves happy and entertaining – human nature!  So, try to have as many hobbies and draft yourself a busy but qualitative schedule! Do some physics, dance in the rain, read your favourite books; these are the almonds that really helps in keeping a young mind and a good memory.For a little push, find a cool teacher and get started. There are plenty of lessons to learn for each of us from every situation we face in life.

As we are talking about learning, today we live in a global village and learning new languages can help us in keeping contact with people different from us. Again, time yourself, set a goal to learn new words;

“Monday is for learning French, Friday is Spanish.”

With language, come cultures, so grasp this opportunity to learn and discover. One of my tips to you is having your translated notes or dictionary in your sight and communicating with foreign people in their language. Having a live and actual conversation is easier to remember, it is fun and much analysis can be done: the tone of voice, manners… we can discover their cultures whilst talking to them! Why not have live video chats through social media? But always respect every opinion and listen to them with pleasure.                                                                                                                                                                                 

If you love finding secrets and are of curious nature, dive into Histories and ancient cultures! Indeed through analysis of ancient life there is much you can learn on the secrets to survival in real life catastrophic situations.

Be a philosopher. Question everything. Try to see life from different perspectives. Do the things you fear and overcome it!

If you are not too much people people… the least you can do is stay close to Nature, she keeps you alive! Lose this body and mind toxicity and go for jogging, hiking; discover the beauty of the forests and mountains, plants and animals…! Why not have a pet?

Be arty and befriend humour because life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, so cry! But make it the tears of joy!

* As my first post on UC, it’s my effort to share some positive vibes! Hope you like it…waiting for your comments! Thanks

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