The abc of any social platform is to set the basic and important details about your company; so create your business page and fill in all the information.

In the profile picture make sure not to add the picture of cute kittens or a landscape – put your logo or slogan.

Once your page is running, add the link to your website, on your business card and share it among your family and friends.

Now what?
Promote your company’s products or services by publishing meaningful images or videos. Again, keep it professional and do not mingle your personal posts with your business. You can add your Service name, details and price too. This is will displayed on your page allowing visitors to have a quick glance.

Your media needs to have a specific goal to keep individuals keen on what you’re posting. But do not make it only about promotions. For instance, at times share a news item; send greetings and wishes on special occasions like Christmas.

Social networks also mean to create on relationships; so keep the interaction alive, communicate with your followers even if it is only to say a thank you. This is vital. Each of us would not like to feel like it’s a robot we are talking to right? So, at times demonstrate who is behind the screen; who is the team behind? Else it may not take long for individuals to get exhausted if it’s truly you or not.

Politely ask your clients to leave you a review for the service provided. Ensure you keep that Facebook page dynamic, intriguing, and engage constantly!!

Another plus point is that Facebook allows you to monitor the number of views you got, the busiest time and the clicks you got! It is pretty cool to know what type of posts your audience Likes and what you can bring forth for customer satisfaction even more.

To keep your fans growing in numbers and create some competition and make it fun, propose some quizzes, or offer vouchers to the fan of the week …  

Experiencing difficulty building up your Facebook page?


Unlike Facebook, Twitter is more direct with its 140 characters. It is not about flair with huge texts explanation (who has time to read hundreds of texts?) but it is always in a hurry, to the point about what is happening NOW! Time is money and twitter can give you that opportunity! So, it is mostly recommended to have the app installed on your mobile phone if you are fan of the NOW!

So few tips are:

  • Use your 140 characters wisely to convey your message
  • Read what really is SEO and how it helps
  • Add an image to support your text always
  • Use hashtags (#) to reach your clients more easily or to find trending topics
  • Tweet regularly and keep in mind that your tweet can only be in the lime light for an average of 3 hours

Another feature of Twitter is Periscope just like Facebook has the option of a live streaming which is for up to 4hours. But here Periscope does not has any limit! However Periscope’s video would expire after 24 hours unless you have saved it!

Important is that you need to update your profile and put a proper picture or logo depicting your business with the details about the products or services you offer. You can use the banner/ header wisely for instance by displaying your latest products.

With a neat bio you will be marked verified – with a blue tick next to your name. The plus point is that it will be easier for people to trust your identity and sooner or later you will get your target audience and followers probably your next customers. Be sure to be online to respond to them!

Which is better ; Facebook or Twitter?

From the above short analysis it can be deduced that Twitter is practical while Facebook is emotional, and you need both to fulfill your life and business needs, right?

So, use both intelligently!


*Recommended image size for your profile on Facebook is 170×170 and for the header it is 820×312.

*Recommended image size for your profile on Twitter is 400×400 pixels and for the header it is 1500×500 pixels.

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