Important points to consider when creating a website

Important points to consider when creating a website

“Face-to-Face Communication is tip toeing away.”
This is what I wrote 3 years ago. Today, on 19th May 2020, I would say FFC indeed is becoming extinct for sure after experiencing complete lock down with the pandemic Corona. In few, if your business does not figure online it simply means that it does not exist. So first thing to do is – get yourself a website and increase your visibility online.

Website Creation

You do not need to spend a fortune on creating a website. Define your business needs first and decide wisely on the kind of website you need. The prices may vary depending on the amount of digital space you need. For instance, if you are a photographer or you need an ecommerce website, it is quite usual that you will need much in terms on GB. But if your website is for branding purposes, you need the basic Home, About, Service, & Contact pages, it will saves you lots. You can further spend that money on working on your adverts. Remember – basic does not mean bad.

Search Engine Optimisation

Once you have your online presence with a professional, User Experience (UX) oriented website, then you need to constantly engage in a tug of war to rank first in Search Engines like Google! This is where SEO thing applies. For a brief explanation, the mysterious term SEO, is to add content to your website respecting the rules of adding the keywords or technical terms about your business or services in your text. One way of doing this is to have updated website content or a blog; like I am doing now, to keep my website alive. However, not all businesses need an SEO expert. For most of us, especially SME’s, social media can be more than enough to reach to prospective clients. Having said that, SEO does help in boosting your business and increase online visibility.

SWOT Analysis

You have your web presence with a bang on social media presence but still not satisfied with your business revenue or brand value? Time to get to the root cause of the problem. Do an anonymous survey to collect honest opinions on your business, you might get some hint. Work on a – Strength Weakness Opportunities Threat analysis and identify the right business model – what is convenient to Tom does not necessarily suits Dick or Harry!

We are actually in a global knock-down situation, with an alarming financial crisis situation. Time to sit back, take advantage of the situation where competitors are down to ponder over, and hit back with the new YOU! Need a website with very low cost, check out