Love Yourself – So this is the topic that I want to discuss today. Love yourself to be confident and happy in your own body.

It is not an overnight process but you need to be able to look at your flaws and understand yourself that these are what makes you,YOU. You never know maybe things that you don’t like about yourself for example

I am quite short, my hair are curly or too straight…ughhhh

are the things that someone else loves about you, or jealous about you having it.

The most important thing you need to remember is stop comparing yourself to other people by looking at your friends or celebrities and thinking maybe her eyes is nicer than mine or you wish your hair was longer , all these thoughts make you forget how really beautiful you are! 

You are God’s creation, appreciate that!But we human are always ready to find fault in ourselves. You are yourself for a reason. God has created each of us in different ways, if you expect everyone to look like Selena Gomez don’t you think life would be soo borring? hahaha.

To succeed, to be happy in life do not run to Palmist or any Destiny Crystal ball…you are what you make of yourself! Learn how to love your own body and your life.

No one will love you or respect you if you don’t have feelings, respect or confidence in yourself. Be positive stay positive and the world will love you. Yes go in front the mirror and admire yourself, see how beautiful you are and say Yes I am beautiful repeat these words.

But hey halt!!! …do not be obsessed with yourself, okay!

We are not Google but still embrace your features, you are beautiful, smart, brilliant never forget this! And there is no update on that, Love yourself till the end

Thank you for reading lovelies.

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meethiflyer · 5th April 2018 at 9:00 am

Well done Sana dear! ? it! xxx

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