Less Organic Reach

Ever since businesses have increased their online presence on social media platforms, organizations have actually made giant moves to battle spam. In many cases, it may mean that marketers would be fighting to face decline in getting organic reach.

Brands having less organic return are much likely to have a better selective tactic for social media marketing. They have to be particular about what and where to post and to invest more in the paid ads to keep their numbers high.

The Instagram Stories

Snapchat was the first for the users to share short videos that get deleted after straight 24 hours, but anyhow it worked. As it worked perfectly, Facebook finally decided to take a smack at it on both Instagram along with the app that carries its name.

Along with the huge number of audience, it appeared as no surprise that within the very first year of Instagram story debut, it exceeded Snapchat’s viewership count with having 20 million views in a day. On the other hand, at the same rate, half of all the Instagram users are likely to be using Stories by the year end of 2018.

These stories are actually fun to experience, letting you add up filters, tags, and also the texts. The biggest brand profits of Instagram stories are, they are easy to discover which lets Instagram users see their stories, even they are not your admirers or followers.

On the other hand, like with any added post on the medium, you are allowed to use hashtag along with the related keywords to let the users catch you faster and easier. As these hashtags are clickable, brands can get into their specific niche markets and get the targets more effectively than ever before.

Social Media Influencers VS Micro-Influencers

The Micro-influencers can easily have an inconceivable amount of grip, specifically with the followings in thousands or in millions. Now brands are converting in the way of disbursing these inspirers to sponsor their specific products because they provide 11 times more ROI in comparison to the traditional digital marketing. And nearly 49% of people think that they rest on their influencers for the purchasing decision.

It has also been observed that many of the influencers run away with getting six-figure incomes, and they all are received from the promotion of the brands to their huge followings.

Augmented VS Virtual Reality

As Snapchat is on board already, gelling up with Bitmoji let users plan the animated versions of them in the real world to do a lot of random things. The new iPhone 8 and the Google’s Pixel 2 have merged augmented reality with the talking emojis in the middle of other things.

As far as Virtual Reality is concerned, many technologies have another year of development just before they smash the mainstream markets.

Facebook wishes to release Spaces in 2018 and when they actually do, it will be the first Virtual Reality social media experience. Marketers should begin to strategize nearby this groundbreaking prospect.

Live Streaming on the way more

We will see more of the live streaming in 2018, and those people who are doing it better will be reveling in organic reach it will create. The importance of having live streaming is not from gaining the popularity, but from the improved technology as well.

The year 2018 will be having more brands, which will begin to hitch the influence of live streaming and will integrate it into month wise content plans. Like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even LinkedIn and along with that more social media platforms are certain to follow it the time they start to take advantage of on the trend.

The Generation Z

This generation is the first to grow up approximately to 100% online and their tech-savviness is also unmatched. They value social media, while on the other hand, rest are doing more than they are doing in the price itself. That is a giant shift in the price aware shoppers of the past time.

Many marketers will not fear about Gen Z for at least few coming years, but the first of them was graduated at the age of about 22 years in college in 2017. The Gen Z labor force is lying on its way, and the marketers should stay forward of this curve on the same one, talking about especially B2B.

There will also be a change in social media funds to Gen Z oriented platforms like Snapchat and also Instagram, and far away from such platforms like Facebook.

Online Haunts Become the Rule

The Online hangouts are the flawless agreement between live streaming drift and Gen Z. House party is a totally free app where users can have a live video chat with numerous people that have seen quick growth last year and is also starting to turn more heads. Due to this, there are reporting on this that Facebook is investigating many ways to generate the same functionality among their live streaming platform.

Twitter is Still over Here

For many businesses, it would be much better to spend some more time and money on the popular boards like Facebook and Instagram. Twitter was having a tough time in the past years. It was observed as the slowest growing social media platform in 2017. Apart from the quick coverage of President Trump’s declarations on the platform, many of the users are leaving Twitter because of the unfair code of conduct implementation with respects to the President.


In order to smash the ground being running in 2018, you should get your plans happening now, in order to stay ahead of the curve with the mentioned latest trends.

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