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Facebook Profile Picture Abuse!

Facebook is introducing a new feature to give users peace of mind around how their profile photo can be used and accessed by others. The social network today announced a pilot program in India that is designed to protect users who are concerned about other people gaining access to their profile image. The new ‘photo… via [...]


The Ascent of Digital – What does this mean for the CFO?

A series of articles looking at everyday challenges CFOs are facing and how finance functions can embrace the change and thrive on opportunity. The articles are written in collaboration with PwC, the ACCA and Jens Madrian - CFO, Reactive Technologies. Business is changing more rapidly than ever Digital is reshaping the global economy and changing [...]

Use of Data Analytics to monitor employees in an organization!

The digital world has brought about a wholescale disruption to industries operating in the traditional way for decades. Technological changes most often targeted the back office processes with the compilation of big data for gain of efficiencies enhancing internal control processes and increasing profitability. However, the use of technology should not be limited only to [...]

My Funny Students (#1 Claire chats with Francis)

For all those bilinguals out there! We know what a pain 'false friends' can be   Claire is a 30-year old woman living in France. She enjoys chatting, especially with people from abroad. She takes this as an opportunity to discover new cultures and to practise her spoken English skills. In The Train Claire: Hi! [...]

Get paid for owing a website!

Many of us just start their blog or website out of the blue! One month, two months and three months, if you have been active with awesome posts and loving the share and learn with your co bloggers, that's it! You've got what it needs to start your online business or consider the opportunities to [...]

I Am Under Construction !

I am under construction…

Quill & Parchment


image By Sakhi

Wrecking me, as you Demolish

Every Scrap we had you Abolish

Annihilating me with Destruction

I have been since then UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Laying Brick by Brick

Playing Trick by Trick

I keep Rebuilding myself

Reconstructing Itself

Rare Patterns, Unique Designs

My will Breaks, Resolve Resigns

Paving the Road under as I walk

Hiding the Keys to that Lock

Taking the less Travelled Highway

Trying to Establish things My way

My Heart got a Fence

No one enters Hence

High Fortress, Higher Towers

Forging my Armour, Honing Powers

A New me from the Shambles I Fashion

New are my Desires, Newborn Passion

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