Getting bitten, stung, or even wholly swallowed by wild animals are things we see way often on the headlines.

Average number of people killed every year by the following animals:

  • snakes = 100, 000
  • crocodiles = 1000
  • hippos & elephants = 500
  • lions = 22
  • wolves = 10
  • sharks = only 6

We cannot stop venturing into the wild, nor can we make a deal with those animals. But what we can do is to learn smart ways of greatly decreasing the probability of these attacks!


Prevent blood and urine from getting into the water.

If the shark is looking at you, don’t turn your back on him. Stay calm and move slowly.

If the shark catches you, hit him at the gills and eyes.


Look him into the eyes. Speak to him loudly and confidently.

Don’t turn your back and run away. Instead, make lift your arms or your jacket on top of your head to make yourself appear bigger to him.

crocs & alligators

If he is crawling towards you, run in a zigzag way and shout.

If you see one while swimming, don’t create splashes and swim away as silently as you can.

If he grabs you, hit at his eyes or throat until you can escape.


If he is following you, stomp your feet noisily.

If he bites you, wash with water and wrap the wound tightly. Call emergency.


Wash the wound with saltwater (not fresh water)!

Remove the jellyfish with a stick.

Keep antihistamine and vinegar handy when going to the beach.


Wear light colours when venturing in regions prone to bee attacks.

If they follow you, hide in a dark place.


If he runs towards you, stand still and straight. Use something else to make movement, like your bag or a cap. Throw it as far as you can when the bull reaches close to you.


Don’t turn your back on him or run.

Fall to the ground and curl yourself into a ball. Pretend to be dead. The bear might play around with you for a while; stay calm and continue pretending to be dead until he goes very far away.

hippos & rhinos

First of all, do not enter the bushes during hot weather.

Climb a tree or a high rock if they run after you.


Don’t get near elephants which have babies.

He will crush you if his trunk is curled and ears pulled back! Don’t run! Instead try to get behind a rock or a tree.


Sit down and make yourself appear smaller than him.

Don’t look at him in the eyes. Whisper if you need to talk.

If he attacks you, curl into a ball.


Cough and pretend like you are sick. Don’t overdo, of course!

Don’t turn your back to escape. Pace back slowly and make yourself appear smaller to him.

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AJ Vosse · 9th September 2018 at 2:01 pm

Cool post! I served 16 years in the South African Air Force… doing land and sea survival courses and spending periods in the African bush! Survival, we learned early, is highly dependant on the “will to survive”. 😉

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