My Funny Students #1

For all those bilinguals out there! We know what a pain 'false friends' can be ?

#1   Claire chats with Francis

Claire is a 30-year old woman living in France. She enjoys chatting, especially with people from abroad. She takes this as an opportunity to discover new cultures and to practise her spoken English skills.

In The Train

Claire: Hi!
Francis: Hi! My name is Francis.
Claire: Oh! Like the chanter!
Francis: Sorry?
Claire: No, my name is Claire.
Francis: Nice to meet you.
Claire: So where are you direct?
Francis: You mean where I’m going?
Claire: I’m going. I work in the half of France area. I use the common transport to go to work. You don’t have to pay the carburant when you travel like this.
Francis (not sure): Ok … I am here to attend a business conference in Versailles. I’m staying at a hotel in Paris. It’s a very tall building, I’m glad I got it. I so much wanted to see the whole of the city from my room.
Claire: I don’t like highs. I live in an establishment of 4 floors.
Francis: Did you establish … ?
Claire: No, I have to pay the location!
Francis: So how long have you been living in Paris?
Claire: About one hour twenteen minutes now, no?
Francis: No, I mean, you-stay-in-Paris? Time?
Claire: Oh! I live at seven o’clock.
Francis: Ok …
Francis: I live in Norfolk. I have been living there for years now.
Claire: I live in the campaign. Now I live in Paris for 4 years also.
Francis (getting used to the language barrier): So you take the train every day?
Claire: Yeessss … I don’t like. But I don’t have choice. I roll the car very slow, I will never arrive work on time.
Arriving - Destination: Versailles.
Francis: I have to get down at this station. It was a pleasure meeting you. What’s your name again?
Claire: Yes, again. Thank you very well.
Francis: Euhh … Francis.
Claire: Bye Francis!
Francis (compelled to smile): Bye.

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