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This is Meethi from Mauritius (βœΏβ— β€Ώβ— ). I go by my pen-name Whiendee, which stands for my initials YND. Or by my blogger-name Skywriter. Oh yes, those little planes that write over the sky!

Forever having pens and keyboards under my fingers, I can proudly state that I’m skilled in writing about any given topic.

My educational background spans the Sciences. I have a short experience in the Human Resources and thousands of Teaching hours in my bag.

My interest in Pedagogy was sparked by a course I took up while at university, called Educational Technologies. Turns out, it’s one of the things I always wanted to do and which I’m good at. I, therefore, followed it up with pedagogical courses, events and freelance work.

I am trilingual in English, French and Creole (native). I have a fair knowledge of Spanish, Urdu and Hindi. Lately, my curiosity in historical manuscripts has triggered an interest in Arabic, Greek and Persian too.

I joined the Unplugged Creations team as an Editor and Blogger in early 2017. What captured me was its NG-feel and international drive.

I will be posting daily in here, for you to have an in-depth idea of things I write. I must say that, being a fervent painter adds to the ease of me allowing my thoughts to flow through.

You can find below 10 categories featuring my blog posts:

  • Stories | Writing
  • Pedagogy | Psychology
  • Earth | Nature
  • Destinations | Diaries
  • Celebs | Industries
  • Science | Discovery
  • Mauritius | Creole
  • Self-Search | Food for Thought
  • Health | Body
  • Canvas | Crafts


If you believe we could do a great job together, feel free to get in touch!


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Meethi Flyer | Whiendee | Skywriter

Registered Literary Artist (MASA)

Certified from the Writers Bureau (UK)

Member of the Ministry of Arts & Culture (MRU)