We are Unplugged Creations and we love what we do!


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What is Unplugged Creations?

Unplugged Creations has nothing to do with MTV musical series, but it does consist of audiovisual editing! Unplugged Creations here is to talk big about the characteristics that we want to inculcate when spinning our work. ‘Unplugged‘ thus is used as in ‘unlock’ the  creative part to produce the best work for our clients.

How it all started?

In January 2017, Parween started with uploading some odd-even projects on her platform. Bubbling with the thrill of an experiment, Meethi and Rumi joined in the creative steps while Noor took care of the realistic part! Now we made it! You are on our site! Hurrayyy!

What is the purpose behind?

Unplugged Creations has been set for the team to showcase their works in their respective fields of specialisation and build an online portfolio. Likewise, we all love blogging!

So, what should you do?

If you are reading this, it means you are considering improving or adding your business to the digital world. Whether you are a small start-up business or a renown one, you made the right choice. We take our work at heart and we offer our services at a very competitive market price.

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Logos and Corporate Identity

Newsletters and Email marketing

Web design and Management

Audiovisual Editing

Promotional Corporate Videos

Social Media Management

Educational Multimedia Content

Content Writing / Blogging

You think we need to add more to the list?

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Location & Contact

We are located in Mauritius part of the African Continent in the Indian Ocean.

Unplugged Creations is a virtual company working with clients across the globe. Working online for us is not problematic but it makes us smart!

Kindly email us on info.unpluggedcreations@gmail.com for any query.


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